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I visited a coffee plantation in Turrialba, Costa Rica

I want to share with you a few pictures. I visited a friend who lives in a city called Turrialba. She took me for a hike to a nearby coffee plantation in the town of Aquiares.

Aquiares, Turrialba, Costa Rica

Aquiares, Turrialba, Costa Rica

The plantation is quite big and has many roads crossing it. Some of them lead to wonderful hidden places, such as rivers, waterfalls, and primary and secondary forest patches that are the home of an astonishing quantity of bird species.

While we were walking around the plantation we had the opportunity to observe an listen to many of those bird species, including two types of Toucans. Unfortunately, my cel-phone camera could not capture them; they were far up on the trees.

There is also a small area that people use to have picnics. Here is a view of that area.

It has a small aqueduct and the sound of the babbling water is just lovely.

Here are some pictures of the plantation, in case you are curious about what coffee plants look like.

Afterwards, we passed by the “Beneficio”, which is where the coffee is collected, dried and toasted. It is located in the town of Aquiares, near a lovely church. The image of the church appears in the package of one of the popular coffee brands of Costa Rica.


Aquiares Church

I had a great time. I hope you like the pictures.

Keep going, my friends!


2 Responses to “I visited a coffee plantation in Turrialba, Costa Rica”

  1. sivisa11

    La montaña, los amigos, el aire libre siempre serán la mejor terapia para la salud emocional.
    Cada espacio puede ser un lugar mágico, solo hay que disfrutarlo…

    • Lisa Ram

      Claro que si! Fue un día mágico que nos relajó mucho.


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