A mindset for life's struggles

The struggles continue, so does life

Hello, dear readers!

I have been absent for a long while and I am sorry. When I went back to the chaos that is being a graduate student I lost the ability to do anything not directly related to university.

I assisted a professor with his class and it took up most of my time. Whatever free time I had I dedicated it to reading for my own research.

I also was very cautious to leave some time for self-care, although I tended to neglect this part sometimes.

Fall has taken its toll. I lost a friend to cancer this week, gained a few kilos, topped running, didn’t write a word for my blog and just a few for my dissertation and, just like that, I  find myself in the middle of December with nothing to show for all the hard work I did these past few months.

Nevertheless, I am here, still going, planning how to survive the Holidays and get back on track. It seems my life consists on constantly getting back on track.

How have you been? How has life treated you lately? Any plans for the holidays?


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